Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two little things...

So, there were two breakthrough for me yesterday. Try not to laugh!

First one: I'm now wearing sneakers. I finally gave in to foorwear that was intended for being on your feet 18 hours a day! Sneakers and pants, sneakers and jeans...Feeling a little dorky, but my feet area a bit happier!

Second one: I spent last night at the hotel! Sometimes it's funny how God works. I know He makes all things work together for good, and this situation had a funny way of working out. For the previous two days and nights there was a particular person hanging out in the PICU family waiting room (where I've usually slept). Never went in to the ICU to see anyone, often was sleeping there during the day, and hanging out in the late evening too,and his story just didn't add up. Last night, I was just way too apprehensive (ie. scared!) to sleep there and there really weren't any other options so just before 11, I went back to the hotel and slept till about 5! The nurses were very proud of me....they knew how attached I was and how hard I found it. Graet news is Nate slept well and the nurse was able to soothe him when he did wake up. Don, already sleeping for a few hours, was surprised when I joined him at the hotel. In his old age, needs a bit more sleep than his younger, spry wife!!!

So those are my two tidbits of accomplishments for the day. Nate's day has had it's ups and downs. For a short time this morning, I saw some of Nate's personality come back. We were playing with his cars and he interacted more that he ever has with me. That lasted for a wonderful half an hour and then we saw the hospital side of Nate, complete with tantrum, arching his back, pulling at lines, and just wanting OUT of that bed and that room! We can't take him anywhere, not even out of his room as long as he's on the dopamine.

Right now they'll continue the dopamine until Monday, do an echo after that to see how his heart functions when he's off of it!


Anonymous said...

Two big things! Wow, you have a sense of humor too in a difficult situation....must be a Schmidt :)Glad to hear you had a good night sleep, you must have felt like you could conquer the world after a solid 6 hrs.!!! Only a mom would understand.....
Nate must be getting better with a nice play time, and then the tantrum to get out. Sounds like an almost 2 year old thing to do. Hopefully the echo will be good and progress out of the ICU. We are definetly praying here for that.
So wish we could be there to hug you guys!

Anonymous said...

One word: Birkenstocks!! : )

Anonymous said...

Carole- you want to hear dorky??? I wore capris with socks and runners when we were at Sea World. Figured it was better than having sore feet at the end of the day. But glad to hear you still have your sense of humor. Praying that you get good news!


Karen said...

Ah, the wardrobe of a parent with a child in ICU. Don't worry the fashion police don't hang out around hospitals. As for the sleep, good for you! One of the world's best nurses told me that it was okay to leave Madelyn for the night, when she saw I was struggling to leave. Her words:"Don't worry, you baby has the best qualified babysitters this government can buy."