Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blog Fog

That about sums it up!  I've not had a lot to share; and even fewer pictures to go along with that!  The mundane of our everyday has felt just that....mundane.  And yet, it's kept us going non-stop for the last few months, too!

We officially have our house on 'the market', and have showed it a number of times.  I thought it would be long sold by now, but that's not what the market has been doing lately, so we wait patiently!  I'm very thankful for the contentment and peace that I've felt while waiting, too!

We celebrated Don's birthday a few days ago.  We enjoyed a quick family supper and devoured some tasty Flyers birthday cake.  It was my first attempt at a frozen buttercream transfer for the logo, and I was surprised how fun (and easy!) it was.  I brought supper to my parents house and we ate there, since they were away and we had a showing scheduled for right after supper (trying to have birthday supper, presents and all the rest, and be cleaned up and ready for a showing in an hour is a crazy proposition....I'm learning!).

We should be finding out about Nate's next cardiology appointment soon.  I'm prayerfully optimistic.  I've been noticing a few changes in Nate in the last 1-2 months:  a wetter sounding cough, a bit more fatigue and grumpiness/laziness.  I hadn't mentioned any of my concerns to Don.  But a couple of days ago, Don asked me if I'd been noticing those exact issues, and we both agreed there has been some negative changes.  It's funny how I didn't really want to voice my concerns, even to was like admitting that something might be wrong;  like maybe if I don't mention anything, maybe it really isn't happening??  So we continue to pray!

A couple of weeks ago, after my mom read a Bible story to Brady, one of the questions in the story was Do you believe God can do anything?  Brady's immediate response was 'No, God doesn't heal Nate's heart'.  When my mom told me this later, my own heart broke.  Brady prays for Nate every single night, always asking God to heal Nate's heart overnight while we sleep.  This has driven me now to be even more conscious of our talks, and about God's power, and about waiting on God.  Big lessons for us adults, and how much more for a 6 year old.

Another little guy who has been on my mind and heart even more lately is little Tim.  Tim and Nate have a few things in common!  They were both born with the same congenital heart defect.  Tim is 5, just a bit  older than Nate, and has had a few more surgeries, too.  Last summer he underwent the major 'double switch' surgery to reroute the major heart vessels.  Although the surgery was completed, his heart has begun to fail.  As of this week, it has been decided that Tim needs a new heart, and has spent this week in hospital getting listed for transplant.

Tim's mom holds a pretty special place in my heart.  She was the first 'heart mom' who reached out to me in the days following Nate's diagnosis.  We were strangers, living almost 1000 miles apart, but connected together by two very special boys with extraordinary hearts.  She has helped me in so many ways;  through stories of their own experiences, advice, a listening ear (or, I guess open eyes to read emails!), someone who in many cases had 'been there' and who understood.  Here is the link to Tim's website, where they will continue to post updates, or if you're a Facebook person, search for Friends of Tim.  And say a prayer when you can!  This is one guy who will amaze you, and probably make you smile along the way!