Monday, October 27, 2008



Several weeks ago, Brady decided that referees were the coolest players on any team!  With costumes for upcoming Trick or Treating on my mind, this seemed like the perfect fit.  I've been getting a little crafty again and sewed up a cute referee jersey, complete with orange stripes.  And the number '2' on the back.  "Because I'm 2, Mommy!"  Of course! Well about a week ago, Brady decided that he no longer wanted to be a hockey ref, but rather, a football ref.  I'm sure the fact that NFL games have been broadcasting in our sunroom for the last few Sunday afternoons didn't influence that decision!  Ha Ha!  

So it looks likes it's going to be a "Game Day Decision"!!!  If he chooses football, we'll stick an orange flag in his back pocket.  If hockey is going to win, an NHL logo will quickly get sewn on and the helmet will go on!

You can stay tuned for the results!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


For the last 24 hours, Nate has been wearing a Holter monitor.  The purpose of the Holter is to get a very realistic sampling of his heart rhythm and electrical activity over a 24 hour period.  Aside from being awkward and bulky, and not condusive for feeding and cuddling, it was pretty easy!  

Yesterday, for the first time in a long while, Don didn't have to take Nate for a drive to settle him down for sleep!  Yea!!  The only downside was that I didn't get my Timbits, that I'd been growing accustomed to receiving after every late night drive!! 
It seems like lately, I'm very often searching the internet for information.  There is so much I still don't know about Nate's condition and it's treatment.  Today I received info from the Variety Children's Heart Clinic, where Nate is being cared for, regarding an Immuno-Prophylaxis Program.  This consists of a monthly injection during the 6 month RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) season for babies at higher risk for this infection (ie. preemies, lung disease or heart disease).  Yes, more needles, but for the safety of the baby.  So, while I have a few minutes, I'm off to cyberworld to do some investigating!

And for the record, we're now on night #4 of Brady falling asleep with his beloved firetruck tucked under his arm!

Thanks again to all of you for upholding us in your thoughts and prayers.  We feel it and appreciate it so much.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Traveling Trio

Well, since Don is out driving around with Nate, trying to settle him and hopefully fall asleep, I'll take a minute to write.
Brady, Nate and I had a fun afternoon.  We started by walking to the playground, which Brady has dubbed as his own, and playing there for a while.  Then we walked down to the library and read a few books in the rocking chairs (Brady's favorite spot).  Then off to the bank to take care of some business.  We picked up a few groceries, and feeling courageous, ventured to the MCC store, before stopping in to say hi to Mom and Dad, and then made our way back home.  Nate did pretty well and Brady walked the whole way, even though we were traveling with the Chariot, so he could have had a ride!
Now back to the MCC excursion.  It can be a dangerous place for a mother and toddler.  First, you're bound to end up with more "stuff" that you really don't need.  Second, guaranteed your toddler will pick out some half broken toy or item that will probably only last 5 minutes at home. Third, there is an incredibly good chance this toddler will end up making a scene because you refuse to buy him an item from point #1 or #2.
I was very impressed with my boy today.  He picked out a fire truck that still had all it's wheels, and most parts still attached.  He carried it all the way home - very excited and proud of his new ladder truck.   Played with it most of the evening - and had to take it to bed with him tonight.  I couldn't resist getting a picture of him, cozied up with his 'new' special toy. And it was only a quarter.  Makes me think about the $30.00 fire truck sitting up in my closet, waiting for his birthday!!

Back to present time...we've been having a hard time with Nate's sleeping in the last few weeks.  He fights falling asleep - and just cries -  and I do everything I can think of to comfort him.  We've tried the stroller, lying down in bed beside him, rocking in the car seat, and just holding and rocking him.  When he finally does succumb to sleep, it's never for very long.   Plus I'm still up every two hours with him.  So, if you think of him in your prayers, maybe just say a little prayer that 'this too shall pass', and that Don and I would know how to best comfort and settle him.  

Monday, October 13, 2008

Chop Chop...

"Chop Chop!  Those cookies won't get baked by themselves!"
Seriously, that's a direct quote from Don!!  I suppose I had led him on by mentioning that I'd be baking some.  When he found me at the computer (unbeknownst to him, I was looking for recipes online) the aforementioned quote is what came out of his mouth!!
Well, now he's happy and after a cookie break with Brady the two of them headed outside to do some work.  Nate is having a nap, so I have a few moments to blog!
Nate got his first taste of people food today!  Some mashed up bananas seemed to make his day!  Hopefully getting him going on some solid food will help make our 
nights a bit better...although I won't hold my breath!  We've been up every 2 hours at night for as long as I can remember. 
It's such a treat to have Don at home for the long weekend.  'Two-parent' parenting is a lot easier than doing it by yourself!  We had such a fun day with my family on Sunday.  The kids played amazingly!!  No tears, fights or timeouts.  Brady sure loves all of his cousins!  Today is just a lazy day at home, although I would like to get the windows washed!  I was kinda hoping for a warmer day to do that!  

Now, who's hungry for some fresh cookies?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Strawberry Cocktail!

One week down... We've been giving Nate his meds now for one week.  I'm very glad that he seems to be enjoying his strawberry concoction!!  It's kind of ironic, however, that as a mom I had my own idea of what his diet should consist of.  Milk.  I didn't even want to try to start him on formula.  Now, 3 times a day he's getting a sweet treat!   And he's getting flavors and colors and fillers that I sure didn't have as part of his nutritional plan!!!   Hmmm....what will be next?  Dean said we could do banana or bubblegum or.....

It does get a bit messy some days, but for the most part, he slurps it right up.  That's a blessing in itself!