Saturday, October 31, 2009

Loss for words...

That was me, midmorning.

It was Saturday, Don was at work as usual, and I was downstairs playing with the boys. I came upstairs with Nate to change a diaper when I just happened to glance outside the front window. There I saw a group of teens, armed with rakes, tarps and a pickup truck, going to town on our front lawn. Actually, the front was nearly all raked up, when I looked out to the back I saw more people already working there! (For the record, we've got a lot of trees!)

I was totally stunned and pretty much speechless. I went out to the front to talk to one of the guys who was working. He said they were from the Gospel Mission Church, and were just going around town doing these random acts of service. After a few words, he also asked if there was anything they could pray for. Well, at that, I pretty much turned into a blubbering, emotional woman. My apologies to the nice guy who had to see that!

It's just that I had looked at our yard this morning, a beautiful sunny day, and was a little discouraged at the work that was waiting outside for us. It's difficult now with it getting dark right after supper, for Don to get that sort of stuff done after he comes home at 6. His one day off (other than Sunday) is the day that he stays home with they boys and I go to work. And especially the last few weeks while I've been sick, there have literally been no minutes for getting that sort of thing done.

It made me realize again, how, as much as we know God cares about the big things, He cares about the little things too. And He is so faithful, even when circumstances are hard, these amazing blessings He sends our way, makes me take a step back and humbly and gratefully try to comprehend His love for us.

So, thank you to the group of angels, who came to our house and blessed us. You did more than just rake up our leaves. You left us with a gift....your gift of service to us is a reminder and promise of God's unfailing love for us too.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Not really sure where to start, so I'll start by saying I'm glad to be on the road to recovery, after getting hit hard with labyrinthitis 2 weeks ago.

Without a doubt, I'm most thankful for the family and friends who took care of us all, fed us, encouraged us and prayed for us.

Things that I'm kind of preoccupied with and that are on my mind include:

  1. Getting back to 100% for me
  2. Protecting our family, especially the boys from viruses and sickness
  3. Trying not to go 'stir crazy' at home, as a result of #2
  4. Getting our H1N1 shots on Friday
  5. Nate's next appt in Winnipeg next Thursday (a more involved appt, with sedation for him)
  6. Getting back on the road for me - I'm still not comfortable driving right now
  7. Trying to get back to my job on Tuesdays, I tried going yesterday, but the (chauffuered) drive to Morden was enough to make me sick
  8. More needles for Nate when the RSV program (monthly injections to lower his risk of developing a severe infection from a common cold virus) starts in November

That's it for now....thanks for sticking with me! A week ago I couldn't even look at the computer screen without feeling ill. Hoping everyday gets a little better!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don's Post

Okay so here we go, my first post on the blog. Unfortunately it's for all the wrong reasons. Carole has had a very tough 5-6 days. She started experiencing dizziness on tuesday which led to a trip to the hospital on wednesday. After spending the day at the hospital, she was allowed to come home but has been almost bed-ridden every moment since. She went to see the doctor again on friday and he mentioned she may have labyrinthitis (inflammation of the inner ear). Symptons include the severe dizziness she's had with every minor movement as well as nausea. There's no pill to take which will cure this in a matter of days. Carole just needs all the rest she can get and hopefully will feel better in short order.

Thank you to everyone who's taken time out of their schedules to help out with meals, the boys and taking care of Carole when I can't be home. God bless you all.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Appointment Update

Just thought I'd quickly share how today went.

We had 2 appointments for Nate this morning. The first was with a physiotherapist at Children's Hospital. I was completely impressed with her knowledge and treatment of Nate. The issue that we're trying to resolve or at least aid, is the chronic (ongoing) phlegmy (is that a word?!) breathing that he has. When he does cough, it sounds like he's sick - it's really wet and thick sounding. I always feel so bad when he coughs in public because it sounds like he's got a bad cold, sometimes I feel like I get 'the eye' when people hear him, since it does sound like he's sick - but in truth, he's not spreading any germs or's just the way he sounds.

Anyway, our physiotherapist, who deals with cardiac patients, and young ones at that, gave me a lot of new skills to try to loosen up the mucous manually, with different exercises and pummeling. She will also be following up with Nate in a few weeks.

By 11:00 a.m., we were done and walked across the street to the Variety Children's Heart Clinic. Our PC wanted to reassess Nate, after I told her last week of some of the episodes Nate had been having. They did an ultrasound (kinda successfully). She said there was no real change from the last time they did one, however that leakage in one of his valves is severe. She added a new drug, a diuretic that will hopefully help eliminate some of the extra fluids Nate has going on. She also wants to follow up in 4 weeks, to make sure his weight isn't falling behind and to see how the new drug is working. She will also be doing a more extensive and accurate ultrasound, for which she'll give Nate a sedative so that they'll be able to do a proper ultrasound. Then, the plan is to put all his information together and send it to Edmonton, where his treatment and options will be determined by the specialists there.

Our PC didn't want to say anything definite, but did think that with in the next 6 months we may be addressing the valve issue.

That's it in a nutshell - if I think of anything else, I'll add it later! For now, I'm just so thankful for my boys, Don, my family and friends! Blessings like these make Thanksgiving a truly special time! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm Stunned!

Nate is ASLEEP!

He fell asleep while I was rocking him in my arms!

Before 9pm!!!!

You have to understand, this hasn't happened for the last 15 days. Any ONE of the above statements would over joy me, but all three?!?! And here's the kicker, this is coming after another long night yesterday. The kind with me awake, listening to his unsettled breathing, counting heartrates, respirations and taking his temperature (I'm always 'expecting' a fever when he has one of these night, indicating something more going on) and thankfully not seeing a high temp. This also comes after a week of feeling kinda spent. Dealing with a head cold myself, and going solo with the kids for the last 2 evenings.

So, for now I am pumped! Getting out some snacks, putting my feet up and enjoying the moment!