Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm Stunned!

Nate is ASLEEP!

He fell asleep while I was rocking him in my arms!

Before 9pm!!!!

You have to understand, this hasn't happened for the last 15 days. Any ONE of the above statements would over joy me, but all three?!?! And here's the kicker, this is coming after another long night yesterday. The kind with me awake, listening to his unsettled breathing, counting heartrates, respirations and taking his temperature (I'm always 'expecting' a fever when he has one of these night, indicating something more going on) and thankfully not seeing a high temp. This also comes after a week of feeling kinda spent. Dealing with a head cold myself, and going solo with the kids for the last 2 evenings.

So, for now I am pumped! Getting out some snacks, putting my feet up and enjoying the moment!

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Anonymous said...

awesome!! Hope it continues!