Wednesday, September 21, 2011

*Insert 'fist pump' here!*

Woo hoo!  Do you know how much fun it is to share good news?!

Nate was a stellar patient......until it was his turn!!  Oh man, even if Nate wasn't seen - he was certainly heard!  But we got the job done.

And the report?  His gradient number (the amount of squeeze the band is applying to the artery) jumped from 35 - where we've been sitting at for the last year - to 60!!  That's pretty awesome!  That means the band is finally starting to do some work!  Nate isn't showing any signs of heart failure.  His heart has not enlarged further since our last appointment.  His liver is normal.  How's that for news?

She did a little switch up with one of his meds, decreasing the frequency of his lasix to only once per day. We'll watch and see how he copes with that.

I had done some baking the night before, and brought a platter of some yummies for the staff.  Apparently it was good timing.  When she came in to see us this afternoon, she commented that she hadn't eaten since last night, and it had been a crazy day so far.  So the  cream cheese brownies, indeed, were just what the doctor ordered! Another neat connection - her daughter is at Winkler Bible Camp right now with her school for an outdoor ed retreat.  Kinda neat!

So, I left the appointment feeling pretty pumped up!  Only when I could know with certainty that surgery wasn't imminent, did I realize all the emotions I was holding at bay....not wanting to go there.  We celebrated prairie style....a quick Costco trip with my sister, and a quick supper at Roxy's on the way home.

I'm so thankful for the prayers of so many of you - and I'm so glad I can share this awesome news with you.  It's a good reminder to continue to praise God, even when He is silent...even while we are waiting.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's that time again!

Alright - it's time to rally the troops!  Nate's army of prayer warriors, that is!

The last three months have gone by quickly and it's time to see his cardiologist tomorrow.  He's had a really good summer!  He's been active and happy, growing in height - and slightly in weight.
We are prayerfully optimistic about tomorrow's results.  If you remember back to our last appointment... well, how about I just give a quick recap.

Nate's surgery (pulmonary artery banding) was well over a year ago.  At our last appointment in June, there were still no positive improvements as a result of the surgery.  So, she basically said enough is enough!  We've waited it out long enough, and if the results of his next appointment show no improvement, it's time for surgery.  She felt that it was more than likely that we'd be doing surgery in fall, but would wait until September and then make the call.

So here we are!  Ready to take a peek into Nate's heart, and see what's been happening in the last few months!  Praying for a HAPPY, cooperative and charming patient.....why not, right?

Thank you - to each one of you praying!!!

And some pics - just for fun!

Brady's "Station"

VHS tapes are good for one thing....destroying!
 How "fortunate" to find a lovely mud hole across from our campsite on September long.
Yes, how fortunate!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Take a Smile break!

Here's a little something if you need a reprieve in your day.

It's a great video, capturing a senior couple trying to remember all the steps their granddaughter gave them, to use their webcam.  I love the interaction with each's just plain cute!

Hope it makes you smile!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In His Arms

Praying for the Pauls family.

I Couldn’t Love You More
In the night
He is with you
At morning light 
He is with You
Do not fear 
For He is with you
When I'm not here 
He is with you
I couldn’t love you more
I couldn’t love you more
No, I couldn’t love you more
But somebody does
Rest your eyes
He is with you
I pray you find
He is with you
When I let go
He is with you
And I can know
That He is with you
I couldn't love you more
No, I couldn’t love you more
No, I couldn’t love you more
But somebody does
You are mine for a moment
But you are His
Forever His
And in this life
I am holding You
But in His arms you live
I couldn't love you more
No, I couldn’t love you more
No, I couldn’t love you more
Oh, but somebody does
Written by Matt Hammitt and Jason Ingram 
© 2011 Birdwing Music / Toledo Tomorrow Music (Admin. at (ASCAP) / Sony/ATV Timber Publishing / West Main Music / Windsor Hill Music (SESAC)