Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's that time again!

Alright - it's time to rally the troops!  Nate's army of prayer warriors, that is!

The last three months have gone by quickly and it's time to see his cardiologist tomorrow.  He's had a really good summer!  He's been active and happy, growing in height - and slightly in weight.
We are prayerfully optimistic about tomorrow's results.  If you remember back to our last appointment... well, how about I just give a quick recap.

Nate's surgery (pulmonary artery banding) was well over a year ago.  At our last appointment in June, there were still no positive improvements as a result of the surgery.  So, she basically said enough is enough!  We've waited it out long enough, and if the results of his next appointment show no improvement, it's time for surgery.  She felt that it was more than likely that we'd be doing surgery in fall, but would wait until September and then make the call.

So here we are!  Ready to take a peek into Nate's heart, and see what's been happening in the last few months!  Praying for a HAPPY, cooperative and charming patient.....why not, right?

Thank you - to each one of you praying!!!

And some pics - just for fun!

Brady's "Station"

VHS tapes are good for one thing....destroying!
 How "fortunate" to find a lovely mud hole across from our campsite on September long.
Yes, how fortunate!

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Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well at Nate's appointment today. Praying for you guys.