Friday, January 18, 2013

Glad to be home!

We're back at home....sweet home! Wow - if this was just four days, and didn't even involve surgery, how in the world did we get through 4 weeks of this the last time we were there?!? I guess that wold be called God's grace and mercy - getting us through a time that seemed impossible. But anyway, back to 2013!

Procedure day went as well as could be expected. Things did get delayed (surprise!), Nate complained about being hungry, but did okay with all the waiting. We got in shortly after 11 am, started the anesthesia with the IV this time (didn't enjoy that, but it was quick, and we haven't talked about it since!). The MRI and 3D echo took about 2 1/2 hours. Recovery in at the MRI unit took a bit longer than usual. The anesthetist, when beginning the intubation said Nate was just full, full, full of secretions. She said is was pretty bad. After the procedure she did some serious suctioning, and got him cleaned out, but did advise that there was something else going on - possibly with sinuses being infected or a ridiculous build up from his cough that he had. Anyway, after an hour there, we moved up to the ward at about 3pm. The typical recovery from anesthesia played out, but by 7 pm all systems were 'go' and we were ready to leave.

Today was a day of travel back to Winkler, via a crazy cab ride (can you say a nine-point turn to get out of the hotel parking lot???? Don was ready to volunteer to drive himself!!) out to the Edmonton airport, then on to Calgary and back home.

So thankful for safety through travels and procedures.

Thankful for parents, who cared for Brady and gave him safety and stability while we were away.

Thankful for elite medical professionals, in a specialized centre for their knowledge, skill and care.

Thankful for understanding employers who allow us to take time off without an issue.

Thankful for the best friends and family who support us, care for us, show their love in many different ways, and commit to praying for us as a family and ultimately for Nate's healing.

Thankful for other heart families who are taking this journey with us - for their understanding, advice, prayers and love.

Thankful beyond words for our Heavenly Father who gives us strength for each moment, and hope for each new day.

All the waiting....

After the hard part of recovery was done, we got a good smile out of him!

Hot wheels from the treasure chest and a Blue Jays toque from the ward.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Here We Are!

Things haven't changed since the last time we were here, lol!

Here we are, in an eerily familiar hotel room, with a very familiar view. We had our pre-admission appointment at the Stollery (University of Alberta hospital) and saw some familiar faces. I had to work hard to purposefully not think about our circumstances in these exact same locations 3 years ago. Nate did just fine at his very easy appointment this afternoon. Praying that tomorrow also goes smoothly, especially with the 'NPO' orders in the morning. I explained it to him, as he is a bit older and can understand much better now. I could tell he was trying not to show his emotion as he told me that he would need to eat something in the morning. Hopefully the distraction trick works again this time!

We're last on their list for tomorrow morning, due to the need to add on the 3D echo after the MRI. Praying there will not be any delays leading up to our turn. We report at 9:15am, and expect to get started about an hour after that. He will be under general anesthetic for both procedures, which should take at least 2 hours. Then about 5 hours up on the ward

So that's the plan! Thanks for praying for some serious 'shock and awe'!!! Lets give those doctors something to be amazed at!!

Happy and hyper at the airport.....

A fun surprise for the flight.

Yay for Apple products to distract during loooong waits at appointments!