Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Here We Are!

Things haven't changed since the last time we were here, lol!

Here we are, in an eerily familiar hotel room, with a very familiar view. We had our pre-admission appointment at the Stollery (University of Alberta hospital) and saw some familiar faces. I had to work hard to purposefully not think about our circumstances in these exact same locations 3 years ago. Nate did just fine at his very easy appointment this afternoon. Praying that tomorrow also goes smoothly, especially with the 'NPO' orders in the morning. I explained it to him, as he is a bit older and can understand much better now. I could tell he was trying not to show his emotion as he told me that he would need to eat something in the morning. Hopefully the distraction trick works again this time!

We're last on their list for tomorrow morning, due to the need to add on the 3D echo after the MRI. Praying there will not be any delays leading up to our turn. We report at 9:15am, and expect to get started about an hour after that. He will be under general anesthetic for both procedures, which should take at least 2 hours. Then about 5 hours up on the ward

So that's the plan! Thanks for praying for some serious 'shock and awe'!!! Lets give those doctors something to be amazed at!!

Happy and hyper at the airport.....

A fun surprise for the flight.

Yay for Apple products to distract during loooong waits at appointments!

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