Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Not really sure where to start, so I'll start by saying I'm glad to be on the road to recovery, after getting hit hard with labyrinthitis 2 weeks ago.

Without a doubt, I'm most thankful for the family and friends who took care of us all, fed us, encouraged us and prayed for us.

Things that I'm kind of preoccupied with and that are on my mind include:

  1. Getting back to 100% for me
  2. Protecting our family, especially the boys from viruses and sickness
  3. Trying not to go 'stir crazy' at home, as a result of #2
  4. Getting our H1N1 shots on Friday
  5. Nate's next appt in Winnipeg next Thursday (a more involved appt, with sedation for him)
  6. Getting back on the road for me - I'm still not comfortable driving right now
  7. Trying to get back to my job on Tuesdays, I tried going yesterday, but the (chauffuered) drive to Morden was enough to make me sick
  8. More needles for Nate when the RSV program (monthly injections to lower his risk of developing a severe infection from a common cold virus) starts in November

That's it for now....thanks for sticking with me! A week ago I couldn't even look at the computer screen without feeling ill. Hoping everyday gets a little better!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, I have been praying for you. That's a hard place to be and you have so many other things that need to happen. Will continue to uphold you and pray for a hedge of protection on you, Don and the boys.

Ang Nickel(Don's cousin)