Monday, October 27, 2008



Several weeks ago, Brady decided that referees were the coolest players on any team!  With costumes for upcoming Trick or Treating on my mind, this seemed like the perfect fit.  I've been getting a little crafty again and sewed up a cute referee jersey, complete with orange stripes.  And the number '2' on the back.  "Because I'm 2, Mommy!"  Of course! Well about a week ago, Brady decided that he no longer wanted to be a hockey ref, but rather, a football ref.  I'm sure the fact that NFL games have been broadcasting in our sunroom for the last few Sunday afternoons didn't influence that decision!  Ha Ha!  

So it looks likes it's going to be a "Game Day Decision"!!!  If he chooses football, we'll stick an orange flag in his back pocket.  If hockey is going to win, an NHL logo will quickly get sewn on and the helmet will go on!

You can stay tuned for the results!!


Jolene said...

That is so funny! Kalden is always playing hockey at home and last week, out of the blue, he decided to be a ref! Never a dull moment.

Anonymous said...

Go with NFL
- Kyle
Go Eagles!