Monday, October 6, 2008

Strawberry Cocktail!

One week down... We've been giving Nate his meds now for one week.  I'm very glad that he seems to be enjoying his strawberry concoction!!  It's kind of ironic, however, that as a mom I had my own idea of what his diet should consist of.  Milk.  I didn't even want to try to start him on formula.  Now, 3 times a day he's getting a sweet treat!   And he's getting flavors and colors and fillers that I sure didn't have as part of his nutritional plan!!!   Hmmm....what will be next?  Dean said we could do banana or bubblegum or.....

It does get a bit messy some days, but for the most part, he slurps it right up.  That's a blessing in itself!


kristin said...

So glad to hear that he's slurping it up for you!

Stacey said...

Hi Carole :) I heard you mention something about medication for Nate on Tuesday, but didn't think much of it. I had no idea he had a heart condition!

It's so scary dealing with health issues in babies. It's nice to know there is someone else I can talk to.

I should give you a copy of this story about a babywearing mom and her son... I think you would find it very interesting. Remind me next time I see you!