Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Check In

Just a quick note today. I spent the night at the hospital last night and came here to the hotel to have a nap at 8am this morning, so I'm heading back to Nate now.

Not much new happened yesterday. They are noticing Nate getting a bit puffy again, a result of not peeing enough, probably because of the change from the IV to oral Lasix. They gave an extra dose during the night and are going to reassess this morning. Praying that he'll start peeing on his own, without the need of extra Lasix.

Saturday is not a usual rounding kind of day, but I did run into both the cardiologist and Dr. Rebeyka in the halls throughout the day. They both speak cautiously of where Nate is at both hemodynamically and otherwise.

I compare it to a road trip with kids. They always want to know, "are we there yet?", and as parents we try to be honest and put it in perspective. I'm personally trying not to be one of those kids asking the Dr's everyday, "are we there yet?", first, because they don't know either, and secondly, I think they may find that kind of annoying!

Another note - remember when Nate's surgery was cancelled the second time, on that Friday, for a child who needed a Berlin (artificial) heart? Well, Nate is now roomies with that cute little one year old. It was neat telling the mom how there was a small army of my friends and family praying for Dr. Rebeyka that morning, not knowing that it wasn't Nate in surgery at that time!

Praying you all have a great day today!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carole,

It's a beautiful sunny day, with
no wind, hope it's the same in
Edmonton. It was great to see Nate
smiling. Hope all goes well and
you'll be home soon. You're always
in my prayers.

Take care,

Wes and Dinah said...

Hey Carole,

Just wanted to say 'hi'. You've been on my heart a lot today and I hope you are ok. I can't imagine how you must long for Brady and home and a greater degree of normalcy in your life.

Your strength and ability to lean completely on God are an inspiration and an encouragement to many of us back home. And though there are moments when you may feel overhwhelmed please remember that you are without a doubt loved and being upheld in prayer by many!

I understand some of those feelings of helplessness that I know you are experiencing as the one who stands beside, unable to change the situation that the one you love is in.

But, even though I understand to a very small degree, I cannot even begin to imagine what this feels like from a mother to a child.

Thank you for offering us these glimpses into your life.

Hugs and prayers

Anonymous said...

Its been quite the long haul for you guys! We pray for you often and are amazed at your positive outlook, never seeming to run out of patience. So proud of you sharing your faith! God bless! Sylvia

Anonymous said...

Hi Carole, just finished ready the last few weeks' entries on your blog. Wow....what a journey you've been on. Our prayers are with you and Don, Nate and the medical team who are looking after him. May you feel God's arms of love surround you and give you the assurance and peace you need as you wait for complete healing for Nate.

Kathy B.

Garry & Chris said...

Thanks again for sharing your story. Everytime I read it, it brings tears to my eyes. Keep relying on God! You are an inspiration!! :) -Chris Klassen