Monday, March 22, 2010

Back & Forth

Today was a bit of a back and forth day. The team thought because all of Nate's stats were really good they would discontinue the dopamine and captopril now so they could do the echo right away tomorrow.

A little ways into the day we started running into two other issues, that being increased heart rate and respiratory issues becoming evident. It's such a fine balance with the medications he is on right now and how they affect each's so complex - I don't really know how much detail to go into. Simply put, changing one of the diuretics from IV to oral has increased how wet his lungs are. But going back on the IV was decreasing his potassium. Increasing potassium on IV would also increase his fluids. Today's chest x-ray was poorer than yesterday. This respiratory issue is not connected to his heart function directly but obviously they do impact each other.

So....back on dopamine and captopril. Waiting for heart rate to decrease, taking potassium orally (really yucky, the nurses and doctor tasted it and made me too, just to know why Nate would react to it). Two days ago his heart rate settled into a nice range between 100-115. After stopping the meds today it was staying in the 135-145's. Unsure right now if we need to kind of 'start over' with the dopamine to have it running continuously for a number of days. We'll get more details tomorrow. For now the priority is getting Nate balanced.

His day was a lot better today - in large part thanks to an enema!! It had been a week if you need to know! He has become a pretty picky eater so at this point we're just trying to get calories in! He had more positive interaction with us today which was so nice. Our nurse even commented that this must be more like the Nate we know. And speaking of the nurses - I have been so amazed with the very smart(!) and caring people who each day put so much into caring for these little ones!!

Today was also a day which exposed me firsthand to some of the very sad realities of life in ICU. It certainly put things into perspective. Everyone in the ICU has a story and when paths cross it is amazing how we can open up to each other. I know God places us in situations for a reason and can use us where ever we are, even if we don't know how the story ends.


Anonymous said...

Still praying for you guys! Glad to hear that little Nate's hand is finding its way up your sleeve. You're doing an amazing job as parents in how you handle the challenges with humour, common sense, understanding, appreciation and faith.

May Monday bring more good news...

Wes and Dinah said...

You are on our hearts so often! We are so glad that you are being so well taken care of!
Will continue to pray that the meds will stabilize his body soon!

With love,
Dinah & Wes

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Carole. Poor Nate to have to take the yucky tasting potassium. Any way they can get the med from another supplier....I've seen in as an orange pill that dissolves in water to taste like orange juice (adult version, but surely something like that for kids....)If it's a powder originally, could they mix it in a pudding or yougurt?...just some thoughts.
Looking forward to the echo results today...we are praying they will like what they see.
Yes, it is without question you are at that ICU at this specific time to have influence on others there (not to mention all your blog friends your blessing with your courage and strength)I'm sure your natural listening ear has been like an angel for other parents around you. May God carry you and Don and bless you and keep you strong.
Love K5

Anonymous said...

We were gone for 2 weeks, but read your blog and prayed for you very often!
I prayed that you would find yourselves "covered by God's feathers, finding refuge under His wings." as it says in Psalm 91;4. That thought came to mind so often.

We will continue to pray for your family.
A & E Heide

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your updates. It keeps us aware as to what we should be praying for. Dawson enjoyed looking at the picture of Baby Nate and his owee with the big bandaid. We prayed for Nate together. Thank you for being such a excellent example of Godly parents to us all! Sylvia & Dawson

Anonymous said...

Carole, Don, Nate, and Brady

We just wanted to let you know that there are so many people that you don't know who are thinking of you often and praying for Nate's recovery, yours and Don's daily strength, and Brady's patience back in Winnipeg. Thank-you for your updates - you've brought both tears and smiles to our eyes and we hope that Nate gets up to the
4th floor soon!
Bonnie's friend Kelly, her family and friends.

kristin said...

Hey Carole
I hope Nate's echo went well today. Luke also had issues with his fluid balance before and immediately after surgery. He struggled with wet lungs (they even collapsed a couple of times). Funny how they never thought it was related to the heart either and yet Nate has struggled with the same. Hope they can figure out that balance of meds for him!