Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick Update

Here's a quick little update on our day. Nate came out of surgery around 11:15am and we were told by the surgeon that everything went as planned. He's been doing great in ICU. When he's alert then there's obvious agitation and attempting to pull tubes but he responds to us. He's getting great care and even started on the ice chips 20 minutes ago. Thanks everyone for your prayers. Carole will give more detailed info at a later time.
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Stan & Rachel said...

So thankful to hear from you! It has been a day of anxious praying and waiting. Rejoicing with you at the progress Nate has already made!

Praying that God will bring both of you peace, energy and strength this evening as you are with Nate AND that God will provide Nate with healing beyond what we can ask or imagine!

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear this. Praise God! Hang in there you guys!

Ramona said...

I just read the church bulletin and heard about Nate's surgery. We'll be praying for his healing and recovery and for you all as a family. I'm so glad to hear things have gone as planned- may you have strength from God as you wait over the next moments, hours and days.
Ramona Wiebe

Rachelle said...

So thankful that the surgery went well. Still praying for a good recovery!

Anonymous said...

I will continue to pray. So thankful that you were able to have the surgery today and that it didn't get put off. Thankful that He made it through. Thankful that your parents are able to be there for you right now and thankful that you have an amazing group of people who are standing with you in prayer - even right now.
And happy birthday to Don as well.