Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Change in plans

This has been one of the hardest days I can remember for me. In the morning most of Nate's lines were taken out in preparation for the move up to Cardiac. He was drinking a small amount and not eating. They came in to do his echo at around 12:30. Someone must have been praying because he stayed asleep for that, so it was easier to get great images. After the tech was done the cardiologist came to do further checking. She was not happy with the function of his heart.

At this point they don't really know why, it's unlikely that the band has slipped. Maybe just his heart getting used to all the new changes. But regardless, they need us to stay in ICU for another night so they can keep a close eye on things.

Problem was the catheter and central lines had already been removed, so a bit of a problem with the central line and not being able to administer some heart med he may need with out it. After the echo, Nate began to refuse to even drink, juice and ice chips or anything, and definitely not eating. Now with the catheter removed he also wasn't peeing. He still hasn't peed since since this morning. They tried reinserting the catheter 3 times but didn't work, so they are going to try again with a sedative. They think maybe all the morphine is the problem so he's off of that now.

Just now at about 8pm he did have some juice - first time since this morning. He's sleeping a lot and not happy when awake. They are going to do another echo tomorrow morning to check on his heart function.

So that's a quick summary of the facts. It was incredibly discouraging for me and for a combination of reasons one of the hardest days I've ever had. To think that everything that we've gone through for this surgery is now resulting in a heart that wasn't even doing what they wanted it to do. I kinda hit rock bottom. Tired, homesick - just wanting be back home with Brady and Nate doing the regular fun life stuff, and feeling helpless.

The above was written at about 8:30pm, and they called me in because Nate had just woken up so I didn't really finish. Now it's 11:30 and they just gave him a drug to sedate him which allowed them to get the catheter in. Praying that now that he can pee, maybe he will want to drink and eat more soon and not be so lethargic. He'll be asleep for a little bit, so I got one of those amazing blankets out of the blanket warmer and I'm going to settle in the family waiting area and have a little nap. Don went back to the hotel at about 8:30 to sleep - he'll be back early morning.

Maybe more later after a nap!


Margo said...

My heart goes out to you. Nothing is harder than watching our kids suffer in any way. Michele passed on this blog address and I'm following it daily - praying for all of you. I hope today is a much better day!!

Wes and Dinah said...

Oh Carole, I'm so sorry!

I cast my burden on you, knowing you will sustain me and I will not be shaken...Psalm 55:22

With love and many continued prayers...

Dinah & Wes

kristin said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Nate's recovery was not great yesterday. We'll be praying hard for lots of eating and peeing! You must be so exhausted, getting so little rest. We'll also pray for your little naps to be enough to keep you going.


Bonnie said...

May the morning bring news of His unfailing love. Great is His faithfulness, even in the midst this deep water that surrounds you.
Lam 3:23,32
We continue to uphold you all in prayer

jodi said...

i've been following your blog since nate had his surgery (i'm a friend of kristin's and used to live in dorm with you at prov.) i have two boys as well, and my little guy is 4 months younger than your little nate. i can't imagine what you guys are inside of, but i keep thanking God that you know Him and praying that He'd be near you and heal your precious boy. Know that prayers surround you all...

Karen Kehler said...

Carole, I can't imagine what you're going through. You're family is in our thoughts and prayers.