Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PAC so far...

This will be short, but here's a little update on our PreAdmission Clinic day. We've seen most of the people we needed to. Right now Nate is sedated and having his ultrasound. He has struggled and been upset for every test and new person he has seen. Don't blame him though - there's some not fun stuff he's had to do! The staff here are great, though! When talking to his surgeon this am., he said he had a "big, big, big, big, case tomorrow before Nate". He is expecting that one to go well, but said there is a chance of delaying Nate's.
More later when I have a real keyboard!

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Rachelle said...

Thanks for the update Carole! I know we had our "sign up" to make sure you all were covered in our prayers as you were gone. I'm on Thursday but I have been praying every day all day. Will continue! May God protect and heal Nate and guide the doctors tomorrow. I will pray that you can have some good rest in between. God bless!

Anonymous said...

...just arrived home from a mini vacation to celebrate our anniv. All of you have been on our minds and prayers going up when we think of you. Kids have been praying for Nate too...so God will be faithful and answer our requests.
So thankful for the blog updates. It's nice to know how we can pray for you,Nate, Don and Brady specificaly.
Stay strong sister. What a challenging and stressful time you need to endure. Nothing crushes a mama more then seeing her precious one go thru soo much. Only God can sustain you, so we pray he will hold you and keep you strong.
May God bless you right at this moment.
Hugs xoxo