Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Photo Post

Our visit with Sally

Opening up the treats and cards

A little gem that we found tucked away in Neuro....it's called The Healing Garden

Always have to make sure we have money for Nate to throw in to the 2 water features....although Don has been known to scoop some out from the bottom when we run out!

The entrance to the Cardiology ward on the 4th floor.

The view from where I was standing on the pedway in the above picture; one of the cafeterias.

Lots of features suspended from the ceilings...we always have to walk past this one too.

The play area for patients, called The Beach. Makes a kid feel a bit more normal!

Helping Nate fall asleep for an afternoon nap.

Always have to laugh when the meds are delivered in a french fry container!
A little glimpse into what we see everyday, and has become our everyday home...for now!


Anonymous said...

That's cool. I knew that I liked my cousin, Sally. Wow. Pretty cool that she would travel like that. Glad that you were able to be blessed and I hope that you have many more blessings like that while you are there.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you get to see Brady! You & Nate must be missing him like CRAZY!! Our boys are extremely close and I can't imagine them being apart for this length of time!
May God continue to supply you with daily strength & courage and I'm still praying for quick healing for Nate! Hope you're able to come home real soon!!
"With God ALL things are possible."

Bonnie K. :-)

Wes and Dinah said...

Morning Don & Carole,

What wonderful pics! Nate looks really good and that looks like an amazing hospital!

So glad that you are getting a chance to see Brady, what a reunion that will be!!

With love
Dinah & Wes

Esther said...

Hi Carole,
Great pics! These kids hospitals go all out don't they? My only concern is for Brady not to be seen wearing a Flyers jersey in Oiler country. Better watch your backs! I'd been thinking about Brady lately and how neat it would be for you all to be together again. And now you are! As much as you would all like to be home again, I'm sure "home" is truly anywhere you are all together as a family.
Nice to see Nate's progress. Keep it up, buddy!