Friday, March 19, 2010

A Letter from Brady

I just could not resist sharing this from you. Brady is having the time of his life with my sister's family. Here is a letter that Bonnie transcribed verbatim of what Avery, Brady's 4 year old cousin and Brady wanted to tell us!

Brady: Dear Mom and Dad and NateI hope Nate didn't cry at the hospital when he was having his operation and the doctor cut him open with a big doctor knife. And I hope you are having a really fun time watching your movies.

Avery: I hope you are feeling fine.

Brady: I hope you have a safe ride home. I am going to be happy to see Nate and I hope when he is back that little crack in him is gone. Its ok if I can still see the line. You had a good operation time at the hospital.

Avery: I hope you are feeling well at the hospital.

Brady: And I hope you will feel well at home. We have been playing with Owen, some Lego, and pretending to be armies.

Avery: I am going to have a graduation at Wee College. We will sing a song - "We believe the Bible" and we will have some snacks.

Brady: I hope my dad had a nice birthday party.

Avery: Tonight we will have a jammy movie party.

Brady: we will watch Bob the Builder

Good bye and I love you. From Brady and Avery and Ry

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