Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Hope

So, here is what's on my heart. If you want to pray for one thing for us, this is it: that the function of Nate's ventricle would be exactly what the doctors want on Monday. If it is, it most likely means getting off the dopamine and moving up to the cardiac ward. If it is not, it means more time in ICU, and I don't think I can take that.

The past two days have held some extremely trying times. There are times when the boy I'm looking at just doesn't match the boy we know Nate to be. It's so difficult to see him so frustrated and physically tormented by the circumstances he's in. He has lines coming off of both arms, one foot and three leads off of hischest. He can't bend his arms and he's bound to his bed or sitting on my lap on an office stool, inches from his bed. I know he just longs to see beyond the curtains around his bed.

But there have been moments when we see just a glimpse of our Nate. His giggle this morning as we played with a container of cheerios was just such a refreshing surprise that I ran to get Don from the waiting area just so he could enjoy it, too. Nate really laughed, and I could see happiness in his eyes.

These little glimpses reassure us that our sweet little Nate will soon come back to us! So, please pray that Don and I would have the physical and emotional strength for Sunday, and that Monday would bring with it great news and a new home on the 4th floor!

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Anonymous said...

Will be praying for a good echo tomorrow. Glad to hear about his giggles and that the happy Nate is there. Kids still praying for Nate many times thruout the day.
hope this comment goes thru..have commented twice before and somehow doesn't get thru...will try again :)