Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy news this morning!

During this last night, Nate's arterial line in his arm kept kinking. Everytime he would kink, it would provide an inaccurate pressure reading. Even though his arms have a board taped to them, the small amount of flex that he had was enough to throw it off. So, during the night, his nurse took that line out. If they need to take blood, they'll try it through the picc line, and now to get his pressure reading, they're using the cuff. Nate really doesn't like that either, and it usually wakes him up if he's sleeping, but they're cutting back on how often they read it now as well. What that all translates to is Nate has one FREE ARM!!! And it's been happily finding it's way up my sleeve.

The other good news is the vein in the peripheral line that was running out of one leg was no longer open this morning when they tried to flush it. (That wouldn't be good if they still needed it!) They have not been using that line recently, came out too! Now with that whole contraption off his ankle, we can finally boot on his booties, and one: cover up that oxygen saturation sensor's red light that is taped to his big toe that he really gets mad at, and secondly: we can keep his toesies nice and warm!

We had to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa this morning, they left for home. It's been so wonderful having them here with us! Having a familiar face waiting for us when we walk out of the ICU and having someone to grab a quick bite with, not to mention the morning muffin, and all the other special things they did for us. Wishing them safe travels and they return home!

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