Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All Together!

It was a super special reunion yesterday! It took a bit of time for Nate to let everything sink in. Talk about stimulation overload....Brady, Grandma and Grandpa! But it was all good! It was fun seeing everything for the first time through Brady's eyes. And he was so endearing to Nate, stroking his head and talking to him in a cute baby voice, asking him different questions. It was all very cute! And I got to snuggle with my Brady!

As far as Nate goes, it feels like it is amost time to go home. I overhead one doctor on rounds this morning saying maybe tomorrow. Then, on the second set of rounds, another doctor said he's not "great" yet. And if I sound like a broken record, sorry, but they're still trying to balance out fluids and meds. After all this time of trying to get him 'drier', apparently yesterday he was too dry and went on IV from 9pm to 6am. His appetite is getting better! He still has meals which he's not too interested in, but the next time he eats pretty well. They'll do another echo and a 3D echo to check his valve to help in determining baseline for future surgery. Bloodwork is also due for tomorrow to see where things are at!

I haven't had too much time for photo ops, rather just enjoying the moments, but here is one from yesterday.

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kristin said...

So happy for you Carole! It must feel so great to have your whole family together again. Maybe it'll be just what Nate needs right now. We'll just keep praying for that fluid/med balance. Enjoy your time together.