Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thankfulness and Speedbumps

Things that make me happy today:

  • catheter in and more diuretics - Nate is peeing now!
  • today Nate has shown us he has an appetite....eating and drinking pretty well today!!
  • prayers, emails, notes of encouragement and presence from family and friends - blessing us in a huge way
  • talking to Brady - he informed me that instead of the 109 days he initially stated, he'd now like to stay at his cousins' house for 120 days
  • seeing pictures of Brady playing and being his fun self

It's been a day day with some very noticeable improvements, mainly his eating! There are still some obstacles that are presenting themselves.

The echo that they did this morning still showed that that ventricle is being sluggish. These first few days after the surgery are important as the heart learns how it is now supposed to perform given the new band that he placed. Right now that ventricle is not doing a good enough job of pumping hard enough. They want to give him a drug, dopemine, to give it some extra strength and show it how it needs to pump. Now the issue is the central line is already out, and the IV that he has in his foot will only be sufficient for 24 hours, and they need to check it every 15 minutes because if there is a perf in the vein and not caught early, can burn the tissue. They need to put a central line or more preferable a picc line. Only problem is radiology is booked till Friday, and even Friday we're still only on the 'call list'. They need to anesthetize him and possibly intubate him as well. So that is something we are praying can happen tomorrow.

So, we're still in ICU and will be for a while. He's back on oxygen as well, a small volume, but it's enough to get his sats up to 100%.

To every one of you - thank you! Feeling strengthened and refreshed today!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Glad to hear there were some positive things happening today. So Brendan brought home some papers the other day, he wants to participate in the Jump Rope for Heart jump off. They are each supposed to fill out a heart sayng who they are jumping for. Brendan informed he is going to write Nate's name down. He will be jumping for Nate. Brendan is keeping track of Nate's progress.

Saw Brady on Saturday and he was having so much fun with his cousins. He had lots to tell me and Phil's mom. Take care and we love ya!


Anonymous said...

What a day you have had. We are thinking and praying for you constantly. Today we will pray that all the meds work, the vein stays strong for the dopamine, and you get the line in if you need. Also will pray that He will sustain you and Don thru all of this.
So glad about Brady...we are jealous we can't have him with us too.
Hugs to all of you!
love K5

Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers! Tears flow down my cheeks as I read of your struggles, reminds me so much of the NICU 6 years ago with Kiana. He is faithful and He is with you! Love, Sandra