Thursday, March 11, 2010

New surgery time

We just found out that Nate's surgery will be at 8:20 tomorrow morning. We'll be reporting to the hospital at 6:50 and praying that everything will go as planned.

Now, deja vu back to the pre-surgery regime: Three baths with a chlorhexidine (antiseptic) soap; one now, one at bedtime and another in the morning. Fasting starts at midnight with no fluids after 4 am. So, as long as we can distract him when he wakes up and during the bath, hopefully he won't be too sad about not getting any milk to drink. Yesterday, in the same scenario, he kept asking for milk, and doing sign language for 'milk', and I just had to keep telling him the milk was all gone. Never felt like such an uncaring mommy!! He's just too young to understand why this is all happening!

We've had a quiet day today, staying here at our hotel, and going for a few walks. Nice and sunny in Edmonton!

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Nicole said...

Hey Carole, thinking about you and hope all goes well, take care.....Nicole Walske

Eva said...

I'll be praying.. and I'm glad it's first thing in the morning this time so he doesn't have to be denied milk for so long :-).