Friday, March 12, 2010

Change of plans

Dr. Rebeyka just came in to talk to us. There is a baby who needs an artificial (Berlin) heart. He is going to be a couple hours for sure, and we may not go at all. But he did say he won't do any other surgeries after this until Nate is done.

On the plus side, we were able to give him apple juice, but now the fast starts again, in the hopes of an afternoon surgery.

Puts perspective on things. There is a little baby who needs Dr. Rebeyka even more than us right now!
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Heather said...

the emotional rollercoaster...
Praying for you guys!!

Bonnie said...

Maybe the change of plans is God's way of making sure this baby is surrounded with our prayers!

Anonymous said...

exactly what I thought Bonnie....we had extra time to pray yesterday..Kleo and Kaden asked kids to pray for Nate in their classes and kids club too. So with all the extra prayers Nate is covered in prayers.
Thanks for the pictures Carole - nice to see where your at.
Hang in there sis....we love all of you so much!