Thursday, March 11, 2010

A few pictures!

Here's a glimpse into our suite. What you can't see is a kitchen and dining area and the bedroom

The evening we arrived

Full day at the Stollery for PreAdmission Clinic. Happy boy when it's just mom!

Just waking up from the sedation.

What I thought would be his last bath before surgery....ends up there will be 3 more baths!

A picture for Brady....isn't that a cool rescue helicopter, Brady?

Brady, look for the helicopter on this picture. This is also the view from our hotel room. What you're looking at are all the different buildings that make up the hospital. The Stollery is actually on the back side. You can see the glass dome where the atrium is on the right side.

What we thought was surgery day. Just waiting for the OR to be ready.

Glad to have Grandma here!


Anonymous said...

We will all be thinking of Nate and all of you tomorrow, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Jeannette Rainkie

Anonymous said...

I am tearing up just reading about you having to redirect Nathan when he asks for milk in sign. We had to do the same for Griffon at 20 months, for different reasons, but still so hard to do. It's their comfort, their food source and they don't understand and you do (but that doesn't make it easier for you to say no.

Thinking of you guys and praying....