Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let me feed the boy!!

After Nate's daily chest x-ray at 7:20 and his echo, we were told to hold all fluid and food from him. Since they couldn't get radiology to do the picc line today, they said they would do it in his bed in ICU with the use of ultrasound to help guide it in. They said that would happen after rounds.

So we waited and waited, telling Nate once again that the juice would come soon, and trying to get him to have some naps to kill time. He was really quiet and not very responsive, and truly a little grumpy. As was I!! After having a good eating day yesterday, I really wanted to keep going on the meals and nourishment today. I totally understand why he had to fast - having anything in his tummy if he were to throw up while sedated, etc. would be a disaster. Anyway, at 2:15 they finally said they would not be able to do it today in room, but we had a radiology appointment for tomorrow at 8am, so go ahead and feed him. It is absolutely incredible how getting that nourishment in him changed him into a completely different boy!

So, tomorrow they'll get that line in to more safely administer the dopamine. I still haven't heard results of this morning's echo, as to how the ventricle is fairing. His blood pressure has increased as a result of that med, so they will try to balance his other meds to reduce it.

I'll try to get some pictures up soon, I'm missing my mac at home, and trying to get photos to work directly from my camera to blogger....a bit of an issue! Hope you are all doing well. Don and Grandpa are in with Nate right now, my mom is doing some laundry at the hotel, and I'm spending a couple minutes here at the computer, apologizing if some of these posts are disjointed or lacking clarity! Thanks for checking in on Nate and the rest of us!

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