Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Home, oh sweet home!

More to come, but for now, so thankful. For a safe flight home, a great ride back to Winkler with a dear sister and brother in law. A kitchen full of food and baking- thanks mom and dear sister. And awaiting the early morning rising of dear Brady and anticipating hugs and the exciting reunion of brothers. They're sleeping in their room together, and don't even know it yet.

What a journey, what a road ahead. To God be the glory!


Anonymous said...

That is great news,
Welcome home!!!!

Heather said...

Welcome home!!!
And happy 5th Birthday Nate!!
My sweet little daughter told me this morning that she wants to write a letter to Nate today because it's a "JOY day", as she put it. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nate!!!

Rachelle said...

Praise the Lord! Welcome home!

Heather said...

Happy 5th Birthday Nate!!
Welcome home!!!