Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 5 - breakfast....yes, it's update worthy!

When the breakfast tray came today, I showed Nate the box of cornflakes. He nodded. I got it ready, and went on to eat at least 6-7 spoonfuls. Now that's enough to make my day!

I'm thanking God for this. Thank you for praying for us, and the eating part. One step at a time. And this is one very good step!!

Next step, 8am medicines!

Thank you Mr. Cornelius Rooster, lol!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, that is noteworthy! Praise God for each spoonful! I have been reading your blog, and praying for your family. So glad God is giving you all the strength you need at the time you need it. Who else but our Almighty God could do that? I thank Him too, for amazing medical people and procedures! Erna H.

Karen Penner said...

So glad Nate was able to eat and that he is getting some of strength back. My prayers are with you and Don and your boys as you walk through this time of crisis and pray that you will find blessings in the some insignificant things as well as the huge amazing things. Also I pray Nate's heart will continue to heal, act and sound normal in the next few days. Karen Penner

Anonymous said...

Everything tidbit we hear is "worthy"!! We love the updates!