Monday, April 22, 2013

End (almost) of Day 1

There are a lot of things that are going really well!! In fact, you only have to think about all the things that could go wrong and you realize how many things are going well!

Right now, Nate is still on a cocktail is drugs, but is pretty stable. One concern is the fever that he is running. It went up to 40.1, but now, after dosing Tylenol and Advil it is coming down. It is unusual for it to climb that high so soon post surgery. They are running cultures to look into this. Another issue is that he is showing a slight arrhythmia. Still waiting to see if it will sort itself out. He is wired to a temporary pacer if needed. He was extubated at 6:30 and had been trying to mouth the words ' I am thirsty' with the tube still in. In the last hour he has been able to suck on a sponge, and after rounds that just happened he can start on some ice chips. They will try to lower his epinephrine overnight.

I am going to hang out here for tonight. Hopeful about great improvements in the next day. So many answers to prayer today. So overwhelmed by all of your support and your prayers. Thank you all so much. And thank you Jesus for the great things. He is doing here.

One pic taken about an hour ago.


roamingpiper said...

Carole, Don,

We are praying for Nate - that the Lord will watch over him, heal him and give you all a sense of His peace.

Paul and Beth Smith

Rachelle said...

Praying today that you will see great improvements in Nate and that God would continue to be your peace and strength and energy!