Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 8 - packing up

It's day 8 of Nate's recovery and day 12 of our time here in Edmonton.....and it's time to say goodbye. The thoughts and feelings swirling around are overwhelming, maybe a 2 hr flight will help as I process things:)

Please pray for safety as we travel and especially for Nate. I'm nervous. Just about potential nosebleeds in the air, how he'll be with everything, and the fact that I do need to give him meds in the airport. He was complaining of pain in his chest an hour ago, so he's got some Tylenol in him now. Anyway, more later...
Brady: mommy, daddy and Nate are on our way to hyperspace back home to you!!! We all can't wait to see you!!!


Heather said...

Prayers for you all!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're able to come home today! My mom would relate to many of the feelings and emotions you're experiencing on this journey (my sister had open-heart surgery when she was 8 months old), and she remembers well both the nervousness & excitement as they left the hospital in Toronto. Praying for you guys!
- Bonnie -