Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 3

Nate had his fair share of tasks before 9am today. Surgical rounds were at 6:30am. We got the go ahead to remove the two remaining chest tubes and remove the temporary pacing wires, that were placed during surgery. That wasn't fun, but happy to have them gone. We had to lay low for 4hrs after those procedures. Chest X-ray was done after lunch and bloodwork (through his IV which normally isn't allowed to be done on this ward - but they did for Nate due to the 'issues '. An echo was also done this afternoon.

Nate was a boy with very few words today. He refused to eat, but did drink as much as we could get into him, which wasn't a lot. As a result, he had a period of increased heart rate and respirations while sleeping, even though he had a morphine dose and was relaxed and sleeping. It is still a bit higher than they'd like. There could be several issues going on, but will treat it as dehydration for now. Also, his last blood work showed low hemoglobin, so he will get blood tomorrow, as it was too late to do it on the ward today. The rest of his bloodwork was very good.

We also started his oral bloodthinners today in addition to the injections. This oral med is what will continue when we get home. Thankful it won't be the injections. He'll already be getting frequent pokes by me at home to check his INR level or blood clotting factor. They need this med to be in his system and determine the right dose for several days before we can come home. And really, a person should be on a regular food diet before starting.

So, prayer requests for today is that his appetite will return quickly. Like 'now' quick! He needs food inside today. That new meds and old meds would stabilize to the right balance. For a good night. for a safe transfusion tomorrow. For his strength to continue to return and pain to diminish. For his happy self to return and to verbalize himself. For his heart to recover and be strong. That he would be able to play and enjoy some " being a kid time " here at the play area. Those are just a few on my mind right now.

Nate wasn't too photogenic today, so no pics now. But expecting a new and improved Nate tomorrow!!


Wes Harder said...

Your Family and Nate are in our prayers.

Wes Harder said...

You, Don, Brady and Nate are in our thoughts and prayers.