Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 7 - morning update

We won't be going anywhere today. Nate's blood pressure was a little low throughout the night. He's pretty dry from extra diuretics that he's on. In the morning, he said he his head hurt. A little while later, (while I was giving him his Enox injection) his nose started to bleed. After that was under control and done, we started with his morning meds. As per usual, this continues to be a high stress thing for him, with a lot of fighting it. Of course, his nose started to bleed again. It took over half an hour to get his 3 medicines in. We gave him a little time to relax and snuggle, but then it was time to do the finger poke to check his INR. It would have been great if that could have been accomplished in one poke, but for a coupe different reasons (not enough of a blood drop, etc), I had to repeat this on four total fingers. Horrible mom. But we got it, and he settled down. The good news is his INR is finally starting to increase ( for those who are into it, it's up from 1.1 yesterday, to 1.6 today). We're looking for numbers between 2.5 -3.5. We'll do full blood work again today at noon (with the same nurse that was able to draw blood from him yesterday).

So, given today's events so far, we're not stable enough to go. And Winnipeg doesn't want us until we are stable, too. Mixed feelings of course. I could almost imagine giving Brady a hug this evening. But I'll settle for another FaceTime. Nate, too, is DONE with everything here. He's so tired of it all and just doesn't want anything here anymore. He has a list of a few things which are okay (blood pressure, temperature, listening, breathing exercises, lol!) but pretty much everything else is hard. The meds continue to be so hard, and he just doesn't understand why Dean's (the old name of our pharmacy back home - the pharmacist's first name, and what we call his medicine....all we say is: its time for Deans! and he comes running) can't be here. He laments continually. When I told them there is only one Dean, he says he wants there to be two Dean's. So that's a compliment in the highest form for Winkler Pharmacy. Thank you for always reducing Nate's meds down to 1 ml doses, and for the nice, tasty flavour.

Will update more as we find out more. We have felt God's hand so near to us in all these times. We have to do hard things, but like Nates Sunday School lesson said a while back, "God Helps Us Do Hard Things". May you feel blessed today. Enjoy your Sunday and time with family and friends today!

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