Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 2

Just got kicked out of the icu because of a procedure they are doing, so I've got a minute. I stayed with Nate last night and he did pretty good. His fever slowly came down and it is normal now. Keeping up with Advil and Tylenol to control it. This morning we have been weaning off other drugs and will get rid of a few lines yet. They would like to move him up to the cardiac ward after lunch. Nate is growing restless, but happier since 5am since he could begin some slow apple juice and had a freezie recently. They want to do an echo before leaving icu also. Chest X-ray this am looked good!

Pictures from this morning are of our day nurse, Andrew; and our night nurse Jeck. Awesome guys to have around! And then a pic of the loooong awaited freezie.

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