Monday, December 20, 2010

Your opinion?

Well, he woke up chipper this morning, so that's a relief! He must be fighting something. His night was more settled after the advil. Although he woke up many times, it was never for a long time like the previous night. But, as I've found out, if you take care of the fever, those other symptoms - like the breathing and heart rate - usually reduce.

So, now it's your turn. I've been using an electronic thermometer in Nate's armpit for readings. He doesn't mind it, but I find it be be really inconsistent, and I do 3 or 4 readings just to see a range of temperatures...usually differing by a degree.

So the options are the ear thermometer and the temporal artery (or scanning) thermometer.

My favorite nurse in Edmonton told me that the ear thermometer requires a technique to get a proper reading. She told me if a nurse came in and didn't tug (gently!) on the back of his ear before inserting, the reading wouldn't be accurate. I also think that this will be much more annoying to a child than an armpit reading!

The temporal artery thermometer is quick! Just press against forehead and scan across to the temporal artery. It's really quick too. It appears to be quite accurate from what I've read, although there always are disclaimers. There were only a couple of nurses using these in Edmonton.

Any experience or information you'd like to share?


Anonymous said...

we use the ear thermometers at work. Technique is important but not hard. A gentle tug of the ear to fit in the sensor, and in a second it is done. With the axilliary, consider yourself very blessed to have a boy to sit still enough for a reading from those....and even if a bit of cool or hot air seeps in the arm pit it's inaccurate too. I've never used a temporal one, so can't comment. You could always take 3 or 4 ear readings and make a good assessment of what the accutate temp is, since they are so quick to take, Make sure you have a decent thermomter and battery full power.
Hope this helps. :)

Brenna said...


I have the ear thermometer and I really like it. It is fairly simple to get the right technique with a simple tug of the ear. I have never personally used the temporal thermometer, but they used them at LPCH at Stanford and it was so easy and quick! You could really take temps without disturbing even bothering your little one! Hope he feels better!