Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well, we'll see how tonight goes!

We gave it a try! Last year, we didn't take Nate to any functions, other than close family get togethers. This year, since he is a year older, and we don't have a surgery date looming, we felt a little more free to venture out!

We enjoyed two different family Christmas parties on Saturday evening. Nate enjoyed himself, it was evident, as he played and hung out with the kids. His night was a different story.....awake and restless from 12:30am - 4, then on and off till 8.

He seemed fine throughout the day today - I kept him home from church, but he played the day away with Brady, no problem. I was putting him to bed tonight, and again he was really restless. High heart rate (in the 130's) and rapid respirations. A slight fever too, so I gave him a dose of advil. He's sleeping now, so thankful for that! We'll see how the night goes!

So, this is either a little warning for us.....or a consequence of a decision made! Or maybe it has nothing to do with all of his interaction yesterday, but it's hard to ignore the results!

Praying for a good nights sleep! Hope yours is restful, too!


Rachelle said...

I'm sorry to hear of Nate's reaction. Must be so hard to make those decisions of where to go and when. Praying that Nate and the whole family will be healthy and sleep well through this Christmas week!

Anonymous said...

uhgg is right! How do you may have been a bug from 24-48 hours ago's hard to tell.
I guess the best you can do is ask family's/parents if any of the kids are sick or have the sniffles even if it's minor before you head out.
We have several friends, one with cysic fibrosis, and the other an immune disease. They always ask (in a nice way) before a get together just to clear the waters to keep them safe. Everyone understands.
Yet,one can always worry as the influenza bug can sit on a hard surface for 7 days!!! Like you needed to hear that. So anywhere can be a risk.....sheesh! So just cover your boy in prayers, and pray God helps you make decisions as to what and where you should go.
Sometimes little friends can be good medicine :)
Talk soon sis!K