Friday, December 17, 2010

He did it again!

Our Nate made us proud (again) this morning at his appointment! We went in to see his cardiologist in Winnipeg for an 11:00 appt. This boy has come around, 180 degrees!! He studied the numbers as his blood pressure was being taken....not even a wiggle (he was getting really good at this already near the end of our stay in Edmonton....his job was to tell us when he heard the beep - and then he could take the cuff off himself!). He laid perfectly still and calm for his entire 20 minute echo. Although he was trying to make sense of the crazy stories I was telling him, I'm sure! Something about a rocket ship, landing on planets, and then zooming around earth, looking for his cousins' houses! Hey, you do what you can to keep their attention! Very fortunate to have a very smart tech (and mom to a 4 year old) who helped me confirm a few dino facts in my story!!

He was 100% compliant through 2 physical exams and prodding around his tummy and heart. Not even a peep or sign of fear. Such a relief!

The summary is this:

Nate looked a lot better at this appointment, compared to his last one, six weeks ago. He was showing some signs of failure then, but one of his meds was increased at that time, and there has been improvement in symptoms. His liver was not enlarged this time - also good news related to heart failure. The gradient on the band has not increased, ie. it's no tighter now than it was after surgery, so no improvements in leakage. He is wheezy in his lungs, and she suspects there might be an asthma issue, but we've been dealing with those symptoms for a long time.

We are waiting on Toronto's opinion for Nate's treatment. She feels that as long as Nate stays out of failure and continues to gain weight, as he has been now (he is 31lbs), and stays healthy, they will probably want to give him more time to grow and get that band tightening on his artery.

Thanks for praying for us through all of this! Prayer requests for the coming weeks are for Nate to stay healthy and be able to fight off any bugs that he'll be exposed to as we plan lots of fun family events!


kristin said...

So glad to hear good news Carole. We'll just keep praying. (Our turn is on Monday morning!)

Kristy said...

Wow! Way to go Nate! Yes I'm sure this is a stressful time of year for you guys, with all the bugs going around.


Brenna said...

Hi Carole,

What an emotional roller coaster we ride, huh? Glad to hear a good report from your cardiologist :)

Thanks for following along with Nicholas' surgery and all your thoughtful comments. You surely can understand how we feel!


Anonymous said...

So glad he made you proud at the appointment. It takes a real special mama that knows the heart of her boy to make him that relaxed for the assessments and echo. Prayer is such a powerful tool you have on your side. We will continue to lift Nate (and all of you) in our daily prayers that miricles big and small will continue to happen.