Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Note to Nate's Cousins...

At about 10:30 this evening, Nate was finally ready to go to bed. We had already done all the bedtime and Bible stories earlier, with Brady, so now Nate and I were just going to say his own prayer and go to bed. At the age he is now, if we'd ask Nate to pray before bed, he'd end up just saying one of his meal time prayers, so Don or I pray in short phrases, and then Nate repeats what we say.

So we prayed, then Nate and I lay down in his bed. After about 2 minutes of quiet, except for some soother sucking, Nate suddenly said "Didn't say cousins". Sure enough, in the prayer tonight, I forgot to pray for all of Nate's cousins. We quickly did another prayer, especially for all of his special cousins!

It made me think. These precious little children are watching and listening to us so carefully. We don't always realize what they are all taking in, but it's moments like these that remind me. The biblical truths that we are teaching them are already taking root. What an awesome (and huge) responsibility.

So, to all of Nate's cousins....whether you live a few blocks away, or a little (or a LOT!) further away, and to his 2 very special cousins that we are all so eagerly awaiting to come home - Nate was thinking about you tonight and you are ALL in our prayers!!


Heather said...

Ohhhh... that is SO sweet!! Can't wait for ALL the cousins to be able to be together and play. And also so curious to see how a little girl will fit into the bunch of boys! :)

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you too Nate! And for your big brother!
Thanks for your prayers.
We love you so much!

Anonymous said...

WOW...with tears, my heart is so touched by how God ministers through Nate to countless people around the world. What a reunion the cousins will have!! Praying for you ALL.
Nate's Grandma Schmidt