Monday, December 13, 2010 far!

We're not even halfway through has yours been?

It's felt like a bit of a whirlwind in our house. Coming....or's anybody's guess! It started off with a bang on our anniversary.

I discovered the extra star cookies we'd served at our wedding, that I stashed away in our freezer. After 10 years, it was time to acknowledge them and move on!

We've had a little bit of time for play, too!

Um, it didn't seem as much fun for Nate. First time on skates and he wasn't too impressed with the whole thing!

Then, there was the opening of The Loft, at Eldon's Furniture. I tackled 200 mini cupcakes for the event. It's a beautiful gift, furniture and accessory boutique in the store - you'll have to check it out!

The next day was the Birthday! Happy Birthday to our 5 year old!!!

In between, it's been the usual work days for me, along with our staff Christmas party at the Gates on Roblin (even tried calamari....cross that off my list now!). Lots of fun volunteering in Brady's kindergarten class, putting together 9 gift baskets for my boss, a super fun bake exchange with my book club (I'm now ready to retire my mini muffin pan....after putting out 25 dozen mini's in just a couple days!!). And then trying to find some special gifts for some special people on my list!

While I was getting some shopping done in the mall, and passed by Empire movie theatre, I had to laugh. Don and I haven't gone to a movie together for at least 5 years (ie. before the boys were born). I've gone to movies....and he's gone to a couple, but never together! I suppose we need to work on our dating! We used to go to a couple of movies each month, back in the day! And now that things are getting a little easier, leaving Nate, we'll have to start dating again! There are a couple of movies coming up that I'd really like to see - and if you buy $30 in gift cards, you get $30 worth of coupons to use! Now, that's a win-win! It's an easy gift to give, too. And you can choose to be super cool and generous and add those coupons to the gift....or you can keep them for one will tell!

Coming up this week is Brady's first ever school Christmas concert on Wednesday! And then on Friday we'll head into Winnipeg for Nate's scheduled appointment at the heart clinic with his cardiologist.

We'll that's my December update - for the first 13 days, I guess!


Eva said...

Wow.. how did they taste after ten years in the freezer? I found a few cookies in a container in the freezer that were from last year and they went straight to the dog :-).

Carole Hiebert said...

Too funny, Eva!! There were surprisingly okay!! They were individually wrapped in cello, then stacked in a container. We tried a few bites, just for 'remembery' sake!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Carole, Sounds like you have had a whirlwind first part of December. Hopefully it can slow down a bit so you can relax. I find my first part of Dec. busy too with parties,concerts,etc. Hopefully with all that out of the way you can have a more relaxing 10 days before Christmas......
Really enjoy the pictures of the boys....Kaden is anxious to get his skates on too.
A 10 year cookie....something to remember for sure! ;)
Take care sis,