Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where Have I Been??

Apparently not here in the 'blog world'. Just seems there are too many things to get done and never enough hours in a day. Thanks to my faithful blog readers for always checking in....sorry I haven't been giving you much to read lately!

One year ago, we were just get used to the whole idea and implications of Nate's heart diagnosis. Between the different appointments, tests, medications, etc., I have to say it's been a learning curve. There were some rough times during the winter, but we've been so blessed in the great summer season we've had. He's stayed relatively healthy with only minor issues popping up.

This Friday, we'll be seeing his pediatric cardiologist again. Always a mix of anticipation and nervousness. At our last appointment, she said the determining the course of treatment and timing of treatment would be "tricky". The echo that he had was also a bit of a disaster, with Nate upset and wailing through the whole thing....according to the report, an "abbreviated...technically difficult...and limited" study. I desperately want the diagnostics to be clear and useful....and hope that we don't have to deal with sedation or anything else to be able to get good results from these tests. are our prayer requests for the upcoming appointment:

1. Wisdom for every medical personnel involved in Nate's care and treatment.

2. Co-operation on Nate's part for all the different examinations.

3. A healed heart!

And since no blog post is complete with out some pictures...

The "Nate-ster"

The joys of having a 3 year old who picks out his own clothes.
He thought they were shorts or maybe some 'man capris'....but indeed
are jeans belonging to Nate.

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Anonymous said...

too cute!!! Max also wore a pair of size 9 mos pants as capris the other day...not sure why they were still around!! Love the bum shot too!! we'll be thinking of you on friday.