Saturday, August 15, 2009

3 Things

Here are three things that happened yesterday that made me go "huh?!?

  • Took the boys to get passport photos taken. Brady's was no problem. Nate was also great for the first few minutes, totally still and quiet, looking straight at the camera. The only problem? Requirements are that the lips need to be touching each other. HUH?!? Try getting a 15 month old to close his lips.

  • Now I've been chased by a cow in Burkina, and the other day that nice black lab came up from behind me and followed me, but a tractor baler??? I was out enjoying a run on the south dike in Winkler (bordered by fields), when I heard something rumbling behind me. I checked the skies, since earlier there had been a spray plane one field away. Nope, nothing up there....but a shoulder check behind me found a large tractor with some kind of bale loader trailer, not even 100 meters behind me, barreling towards me at what seemed like break neck speeds! HUH?!?! I ran into the ditch, and let him pass.

  • Then, on my way back, along the same dike path, I saw a dad and his kids doing some bow and arrow target practice against some bales right beside the path. HUH?!?! With a chuckle, I shouted out "Am I safe to run by?", he laughed too, at my hesitation and waved me on.

Well, that's the lighter side of life. I'm not complaining!


Anonymous said...

Carole -
I saw that tractor & baler zipping by the other day! There is never any motorized traffic on that path anymore so I was surprised to hear the tractor and was also very surprised to see how fast he was travelling. Good thing you got out of his way!

And I think I know who the father/son combo was (not Chris & Adam but our neighbors).

Charlotte U.

the Provident Woman said...

The lips together thing is weird. My oldest got her first passport when she was 13 months and she has the big open mouth grin. They didn't care then (5 years ago).