Friday, August 28, 2009

The Recap

Just got in about an hour ago - got both boys to sleep (why couldn't they fall asleep on the drive home?!?), and now it's time for an update!

Well, Nate still despises strangers and doing strange things. Even though the staff at the clinic all dress in regular clothing (no "White lab coat Syndrome" to blame it on) and are all super friendly people, he just hasn't taken a liking to them!!

It began with the routine, and might I add, completely painless, height and weight measurements. Yeah, it didn't go well. I did have my ammo with me (a new spinning laser ball toy and SUCKERS!) but I wasn't about to use them up on getting weighed when I knew the ultrasound was coming up!

So, when we were brought to the examination room, where we usually go after all the tests, I started to get a funny feeling that they weren't going to attempt the echo today.

Dr. Soni did the physical exam and said based on what she heard and felt (his liver was not enlarged) and his weight gain, she could conclude that he was not in heart failure. In that case, she was comfortable not doing any further testing at this appointment, given his temperament the echo would probably not be of good quality.

No change of medications right now. He's still not big enough to switch to the other med, which would be a twice a day dose. So, we'll keep on going with midnight medicine dose, and hope at the next appointment - in three months - that he will have gained enough weight to switch meds.

She was also more concerned with the sound of his lungs, audible without the stethoscope, so we'll be looking into treating that when we see his pediatrician next.

After Nate's appointment we made a stop at the NICU across the street to see a very teeny, precious baby, who chose to make an appearance into this world 3 months early. She's not quite 3lbs, but she's using every ounce she's got to show the world what she's made of. One tough cookie!! We had a nice visit with her mom, I'd call her a SuperMommy!!! Please keep baby Kiera and her mommy and daddy in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement for our Nate. We feel blessed by all the people who care so deeply for Nate and the rest of our family.

And a super huge thanks to Bonnie, for letting Brady spend the 'funnest' day ever at your house! And for feeding us supper!!! And for the Costco was really good retail therapy!! Love ya so much!!!

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Eva said...

Prayers for your son... for his lungs and his heart. Glad he is doing well at this time.