Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Still Here!

The last two weeks has been a flurry of awesome fun! It's been full of family times - play time, meal time, and plain old get-togethers! There are 11 grandchildren in the family, ranging in age from 1 - 17, although 8 of them are 6 and under! And we were all together....that hasn't happened for a long time!

So, needless to say, I've been spending little time in front of the computer, and even less time behind a camera. It's been more about being in the moment!

In other news, Nate had his first major spill involving a glass shelf and his head. Thankfully, his angels were watching, and it wasn't more serious!

He also got his first haircut. Cried through the whole thing. Really wasn't worth it, but it needed to get done. Why do we always wait so long for that first hair cut?!?

Anyway, here's the before and after!

Enjoy your day! I'll be back here a bit more regularly now!!

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