Saturday, August 8, 2009

Festival Weekend

It's only Saturday, but already I can say that it's been a fun weekend! Actually, the whole week has been pretty great. Don took a week off from work, so it's been super nice having him home.

Today was Parade Day! Something Brady has been looking forward to for many, many days!

Here's a pic for Brady's Uncle Kerry - not quite as cool as your truck, but hey, you're in the big time, this is Winkler!!!

Although Winkler parades are filled with a lot of these...

and these...that's really all it takes to completely thrill the preschool crowd!

And then when Brady saw Doc Hudson roll by, well, it couldn't get much cooler!

This chopper/lawnmower always gets a good reaction, quite the crowd pleaser.

Speaking of crowd pleaser, Nate got his first ever (and last for the time being) sucker. It did keep him content for quite a while!

But, boy, did it ever make a mess. A nice, happy mess, nonetheless!!!

And then came the rides....we had one very happy boy, running from one to the next, and then all over again! Probably about 20 rides....the bracelet was a wise investment!!

And our sweet little Nate, stretching his legs after being so good in his stroller!

And the weekend is not over yet! Looking forward to a good day tomorrow! Hopefully breakfast at the airport's Fly In Breakfast, and some nice sunny weather!

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