Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The week that was to be...and the week that is!

It's been a real treat having Don at home this week.  He took a week of holidays this week, knowing that July wouldn't be an option for time off.  I felt it would be a loooong stretch to wait until August or September for holidays, so here we are with a week off together!

The plan was to go camping for a few nights this week.  But yesterday, after checking the forecast, plans became a bit more uncertain.  We wanted to go to Lilac Campground which has a pretty amazing water park, especially for the little guys.  But seeing that the 'high' for our swimming day was 11 degrees....and 40% chance of rain, we decided to bail.  I mean seriously....11 degrees???  11 very small, little degrees above FREEZING?!?!  I don't think so.  And since we didn't want to lose our whole camp site fee, we cancelled while the penalty was minimal.

So, on to other things!  The forecast has changed.  Of course.  But there's still a 60% chance of rain.  We'll stick around here and have fun in the process!  Maybe head out to the beach one afternoon if it does heat up, or into Winnipeg if the day looks too rainy!  Whatever we do, it's just nice to have days together as a family!

Here's a little snuggle time Brady and I had right after he got out of the bath tub.  Love that boy!!!

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Anonymous said...

that's too bad about camping :( but i am sure you will stil have a good week!