Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh Brother!!

This is my brother.

Don't you love it? He's 6' 4", and I'm pretty sure this water wasn't much deeper!! But I'll give him a 10 for form!!

Well, my brother had a birthday last week. And I've been trying to think of the perfect birthday gift for the last two weeks. Now it's crunch time. Mom and Dad are flying to TO on Wednesday and I'd like them to deliver his gift!

What do you get the guy??? A 30-something police officer (I like to call him a CSI of the 401 sort), father of 3, and husband to his beautiful bride. This is a guy who goes and buys whatever he wants when he wants it. Or, like me, researches something to death in order to find the best of whatever it is he's looking for.

So, brother, if you're reading this. Send some ideas my way. I've got about 24 hours left to find that perfect something!!!

1 comment:

Kerry Schmidt said...

Mom said there was a picture of me....but this is not what I expected. Very funny!!

The running shirt was perfect thank you so much.

Have a great day with the family.