Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the Fritz!

I am so glad that summer has finally arrived. Finally some heat and sun! I'm not complaining!!!

However, trying to get babies to sleep when your house heats up isn't so fun. So last week, when it started warming to slightly uncomfortable temps inside, I decided to turn our central air on.

But it was a no go! No cool air and no relief! Last summer started off the same way, too, with a hefty bill to fix the air conditioning. So, I was slightly surprised and annoyed to find out the fix this time around would either be an even bigger repair or a total replacement. You kinda start to debate whether it really is a 'need' as opposed to a 'want'.

And then, I go to work this afternoon, and wouldn't you know, the A/C for our office is toast! At least that's one bill I won't have to pay!!

1 comment:

EH said...

For me it would be worth the fix/replace. We lived for 8 years {with kids} without central air. Now we have live 5 with {with no troubles} and it is glorious.