Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flu, anyone?

Last week, I took Nate to see our family doctor in Winkler for his routine/scheduled visit. We're now alternating our regular visits with seeing a pediatrician and our family doctor.

All heart issues aside, Nate is doing pretty well. His weight and height are within normal ranges. His hemoglobin is low, so she put him on an iron supplement 3X/day.

On our way out, she warned me about a very bad flu that is going around. She, herself, had been out of commission the previous week with a bad case of it. She was very adamant that I keep Nate (if at all possible) away from any social activities, the hospital, church, family gatherings, urgent care, etc. because guaranteed, someone will be coughing. She does not want to see him getting any bit of this nastiness that is going around.

So how are things in your neck of the woods? Have you heard about people coming down with a bad flu? We've been very healthy in our house....maybe it's in the genes....Don hasn't had a 'sick day' in 12 years!!!


kristin said...

So glad Nate's doing well! I hope he does have Don's super-immunity-that bug sounds nasty! Who's the pediatrician you're seeing now? Is it someone Soni suggested?

Karen said...

I think the bug she is referring to is the H1N1 flu. I too have the same advice. It's like RSV season all over again. Experts are predicting a large outbreak this fall.

Stacey said...

We've had no flu here either, but I'm a little scared of it myself. My sister in law works in Children's ER in Winnipeg and they've had quite a few cases.