Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's not bad news!!!

We had a nice quiet ride (ie. Nate was sleeping) in to Winnipeg this morning.  Despite some highway construction delays, we got to the HSC area in time to get a bite to eat for lunch and head to the heart clinic.

Nate didn't do so well for the ultrasound - he cried through the whole thing.  Luckily, our sonographer was very quick and got all the information he needed in a short time.  No ECG or other tests this time.

Dr. Soni told us things were very much the same as last time.  The biggest issue, the valve leakage is the same, still very high.  But Nate is not in heart failure (big answer to prayer) so she said we wouldn't be rushing off into surgery.  She wants to let him get bigger and then they will deal with the decisions and options related to treating Nate.

Some side notes:  She told us that the VSD (the hole in the heart between the left and right sides) appears to have closed!  Also,  she said that at Nate's last appointment one side of his heart had looked much larger than the other (I was unaware of that), but today they both seemed about the same size.  

She needs to see Nate again in 3 months.  At that time, there may be an option to change his medication to one that would only require 2 doses per day.  Right now, he's not big enough for that med, so we'll see if that's viable at the next appointment.  Presently, we give him his medication 3 times a day, usually around 8am, 4pm and during one of his night wakings - usually between 12-1am.  Obviously, I would do what ever Nate needed....if he required medication every hour, we'd do that.  But knowing that we could possibly go down to 2 doses a day is pretty exciting news for me!!!

Thanks for praying for our little Nate!


Anonymous said...

that is great carole! I bet it is just a weight off your mind to know what is going on. Have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you.

Bonnie said...

So thrilled to hear how God has answered our prayers! One step at a time!!

kristin said...

So glad that your appt went well Carole. Sounds like some prayers were answered!

Karen said...

I'm glad that you had some good news. Will continue to think of you and your Nate.