Monday, May 25, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

Last weekend was a cold and windy one!  Typical of a Manitoba May Long weekend!!  But we still got out on Sunday to visit my parents who were camping.  We joined my sister and her family there as well, and enjoyed a great afternoon and delicious BBQ!

Ladder Golf is a 'must have' camping game.  Even Nate was getting into it!

And of course, crazy Brady just had to get into Nate's shot here.

Fast forward to this last weekend, Sunday in particular.  One word.  Amazing.  We spent the whole day outside.  Ate all of our meals outside.  Went for walks.  Played at the playground.  Both kids were happy and Nate had a good afternoon nap.  All in all, for me, that constitutes a GREAT DAY!

Our pear tree was in full blossom, so I had some fun on the ground zooming up to the top using a little macro. 

Just a note:  Since the Flyers were not able to show what they were made of, allegiance has now shifted to the Blackhawks to win the Cup!

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